If you’re just starting out on Google Cloud for the first time, it’s easy to breeze through the concept of service accounts. Some service accounts, like the App Engine or Compute Engine default service accounts, are even created for you as soon as you turn those features on. After that, it’s pretty easy to create a new service account and then throw whatever permissions and roles you think you need to make things work. But before you go and do that, take a sec to understand these 3 things.

Service Accounts Deserve a Purpose

When you’re working out of a development project, it can be…

“You become what you give your attention to…If you yourself don’t choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will.”

— Epictetus, O.G. Greek Philosopher

You’re familiar with this pattern: You’ve got something you need to work on, an important assignment for work or school. You sit down and decide to get started.

You’re ready.

You’re in the zone.

It’s time to focus.

Ten seconds in: BZZZZZZ! Without giving it a second thought, reflexively, you pick up your phone and see what the fuss is about. A half hour later you put your phone down and don’t…

So, you want to get started building out your infrastructure on Google Cloud. You’ve read all about how cloud is the future and you’re ready to make moves. But building out on cloud can seem overwhelming. Theoretically, you could spin up a gargantuan server that could wind up costing thousands of dollars in a few short days. Yikes.

It sounds frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ll share a few important tips (small pieces of advice) and tricks (helpful hints)** for organizing your resources on Google Cloud. My hope is that what I’ll share will help you get started…

I like simple things. Vue.js is a pretty simple Javascript framework. And Firebase Authentication is a pretty simple way of adding authentication to a web app. So, in the spirit of simplicity, let’s put these two simple things together using a very simple example.

Wait, what are we doing?

When you create a new Vue project, you’re welcomed with a beautiful default page like this:

Hello World

Looks good. It’s made up of a lone default component, aptly named HelloWorld. …

Roger Martinez

Developer Advocate for Google Cloud. Opinions are my own.

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